Put Your Employees First


I recently read an article on LinkedIn about employee engagement and how organizations are trying bold and different things in this field.

It is a great idea that the principles that manage salespeople behaviours towards customers, and that ultimately level customer satisfaction, have to be built bottom-up, rather than top down. Particularly, by creating salespeople  enthusiasm, ownership and passion for the brand.

You can create a beatifully worded customer experience statement that effectively communicates your desired experience that you deliver through every possible channel you can think of to your employees, but if they can’t or aren’t willing to do it, it will simply be meaningless words on a page.

I have once been part of a team that had the task to bring employee engagement up. On our first presentation to all the managers in the company, the one thing we asked them to remember was: “if you want to engage your teams, you need to get a little bit crazy”. Challenge conventions when it comes to employee engagement.

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