The Happy Secret To Better Work


I came across this TED talk by the psychologist Shawn Achor a couple of months ago. The vision that we need to “escape the cult of the average” to unlock people’s talent and reach better results inspired me to learn more about the concept of happiness at work.

The central idea is that our brains have been hardwired in a way that undermines our potential, in terms of “if I work harder, I will be more successful. If I am more successful, I will be happier.” The research mentioned shows that if you are happier, your work improves, which ultimately leads to more success. As stated, it can drive a 37% increase in Sales. Isn’t that something worth exploring? So the question becomes, how to be happier at work? How to re-wire our brains? Definitely worth watching the video. It is both funny and enlightening.

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