Who Is The Glue In Your Team?


Team chemistry, talent engagement and a “feel-good” factor at work, depend all in some way in having a certain type of skill within your team – the “quality of keeping people together”. This idea is nicely mentioned in the article by Gretchen Rubin, on her blog The Happiness Project.

This skill enables someone to make the whole bigger than the sum of the parts. It is not about leadership. It is about communication and facilitation. About genuinely caring.

Leaders and managers often overlook this skill within their teams. Despite the fact that this skill shows best “behind the scenes” and out of their radar, the impact on results is patently there.

Just as we tend to take for granted the happiness of the joyous ones, we take for granted the efforts of those who keep us together

Identify who in your team plays this role and make sure you reward it as a performance related achievement, rather than simply a “nice to have”.

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