Interactive CRM on Steroids

CRM on steroids

I read recently a great inspirational post on the capabilities of Interactive CRM by Lou Adler, as part of Big Ideas for 2014. The concept, converted to Human Resources field, is that with the newly available tools and information Recruiting  can become almost an automated process – by contacting you in the right time, with the right opportunity and the right offer. It almost feels like Sci-Fi when you read it, but it is reality already today, and the applications are many, for different industries.

But what is Interactive CRM?

Basic CRM involves sending a sequence of emails and messages to a customer database. The interactive piece adds a decision tree to the basic CRM system based on how the customer responds. These marketing campaigns can involve a variety of different sequenced messages which appear to be sent by someone who has actually read the customer’s response. Now add GPS or location services into the mix. Since cars and cellphones know where you are, location-based advertising can be pushed to you just as easily. Collectively, this is interactive CRM on steroids. 

Get inspired by the post and think how your business and your customers could benefit from a fully automated and interactive CRM platform. The sky is the limit, and it is watching you.

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