Differentiation Breeds Meritocracy. Sameness Breeds Mediocrity


From the many authors out there I always find that Jack Welch can grab the attention with plain common sense. I was reading his 10 Leadership Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way. Basically, bits and pieces. What is called experience, put in words. I found a couple of great insights there. So I decided to put it up here as a way of inspiration.

From all the wisdom nuggets there is one that stuck to me “Differentiation breeds meritocracy. Sameness breeds mediocrity.” Enough of leveling by the lowest denominator. Enough of “no risk” plays. Enough of “me too” strategies. I hope we can create environments where progress comes from differentiation and from people that stand out and lead to better places. We must push for a culture of trust and where actions lead to consequences – positive or negative. Great reading. Enjoy.

  1. Your company’s values and your personal values must be compatible.
  2. Differentiation breeds meritocracy. Sameness breeds mediocrity.
  3. In a performance culture, actions have to have consequences — positive or negative.
  4. Creating an environment of candor and trust is a must.
  5. Attracting, developing and retaining world-class talent is your never-ending job.
  6. You must distinguish between coachable development needs in your people and fatal flaws.
  7. Simple, consistent, focused communications travel faster and are understood better by the organization.
  8. There is nothing more developmental and illuminating than dealing with adversity.
  9. Over time, you have to develop a real generosity gene — and love to see each person on your team earn raises, get promotions and grow personally.
  10. Continuous learning is critical for success — make it a priority.


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